An innovation in paraglider training worldwide, the ActiveFly Simulator lets you practice "active flying" on the ground for the first time ever. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to improve your responsiveness in situations where you might otherwise run the risk of an accident. And while you practice interactively, you remain perfectly safe as well.

One of the most important things in paragliding is to learn how to respond to an asymmetric collapse - the most frequent cause of an accident. When you're flying near the ground or along a ridge, it may even save your life if you know how to actively prevent a collapse, or to minimize its consequences. Even with a "forgiving" state-of-the-art paraglider which recovers itself quickly, a collapse might change your flight path in such a way that you're bound to crash.

The ActiveFly Simulator lets any pilot learn how to respond optimally to an imminent asymmetric collapse and will increase his flight safety considerably. In the future, the ActiveFly Simulator will contribute significantly to reducing the number of accidents in paragliding.

In order to make practicing with the ActiveFly Simulator as realistic as possible, the harness as well as the risers and brakes are suspended below a frame in such a way that they can be operated. The brakes are extended and retracted via servos, simulating steering forces as they occur in a particular situation. The pilot will try to keep these forces constant by pulling or releasing the brakes. His actions can be viewed on a monitor and subsequently evaluated, allowing him to check the results and monitor progress as he develops his piloting skills.